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Writer and filmmaker, Ana Johann holds a documentary specialization from the University of Barcelona and is a Master in Communication and Language from Tuiuti University of Parana. She was one of the three winners of the FRAPA Script Competition - Festival of Audiovisual Scripts in Porto Alegre - in 2015, with the "Terrestrial" project. This same project was selected for the international laboratory of Fundacion Carolina / Ibermedia, in Madrid in 2017 and is in the funding phase. In 2014 her feature film script “Remains of a man” was a finalist in the Cabiria Scripts Award and won the Brazil-Italy development fund (ANCINE/FSA). With this movie Ana received the Female Highlight award “Helena Ignes” in Tiradentes Festival. 

Ana directed and scripted six films. “A Film for Dirceu” (2012), her first documentary feature won a special jury prize at the 45th Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro, and went through important festivals, among them the Mostra SP and DOCsDF in Mexico. Her film “Noticias da Rainha” (2013) won the awards for best film and best screenplay at the 8th Film and Video Meeting of Sertões and the best Ibero-American documentary at FEMCINE - Women's Film Festival in Chile.

In 2015 she published the book "The construction of the poetic in the cinematographic script". She currently teaches postgraduate courses at several universities and has developed scripts for both feature films and series projects, inhabiting her own subjects.





- Remains of a man, 2021, Brasil 100’, Fic, 2k

- What look us, 2017, Brasil, 71’, Doc, HD

- You not died yet, 2016, Brasil, 22’, Fic, HD

- News of the queen, 2013, Brasil, 19’, Doc, HD

- A movie for Dirceu, 2012, Brasil, 90’, Doc, HD

- Above the Sky, 2009, Brasil, 52’, Doc, HD

- Time from times, 2007, Brasil, 22’, Doc.


a diretora Ana Johann com a camera fotografica apontada para ela.
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